Foam / Water Protection

Foam / Water Protection for Elevated & Ground Helipad

Construction & Operation of elevated helipad (commonly called roof top helipad) is simple compared to construction of hi-tech buildings, which is a huge infrastructure project. It is however similar to runway development and requires proper design, consultation and advice at the begining of the project to avoid irreparable problems and infructuous expenditure. Technical advice from a core competency consultant / professional is a must for development of such assets of vision

The Eversafe team with technically qualified experts in Aerodrome and heliport design and specialised in licensing inspections provides consultancy in design, construction and operation of Helipads / Heliports (Roof Top / Surface Level) of International Standards with the objective of producing cost effective ICAO/DGCA standard helipads.

We undertake :

  • Complete fire protection solutions (Design, manufacturing, installation & maintenance) for roof top and surface level helipads, such as automatic and remote control foam fire protection system, oil water separator.
  • Customised trailer / vehicles mounted water/foam monitor with accessories for surface level heliports.
  • Manufacture (customised) and supply of safety nets & wind cones (wind socks) for roof top helipad
  • Consultancy
  • Approving from the LPA/TAC
  • Making and painting of helipads / heliports

We undertake :

Our product design & manufacturing are in total compliance with International Civil Aviation Organisation (ICAO) (Annex14, Part II-Heliports) NFPA and DGCA (Civil Aviation Requirements).