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Eversafe Protect Systems Pvt. Ltd. is serving various Industries for last 29 years for Fire and Safety needs of Industries to make them safe and secure from any eventuality and losses.

We are team of engineers who are specialised in Design Engineering of Various Fire protection systems such as Hydrant Systems, Fire Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarm Systems, Foam Systems, Water Spray Systems and Gas Suppression Systems.

In last 29 years we have given satisfactory services to various industries including Steel Industries, Chemical Plants, Paint Industries, Rubber Industries, Oil & Petrochemical Industries, Textile Industries, Synthetic Yarn Industries, Airport Terminal building, etc.

Design, engineering various fire protection systems as per IS, TAC, NBC, OISD Indian Regulations and also as per NFPA, UL, LPC, FM type international regulations.

Specialised in design, engineering, and installation commissioning of highly sophisticated Fire Protection and other safety systems for Elevated Helipads as per NFPA, ICAO and DGCA standards.

Accredited by Insurance company as third party Inspection and auditing agency of Fire Protection systems installed at various places.

Licensed by Maharashtra Fire Services for Design, Supply, Installation and approval of various fire protection system all over India.

Satisfactory completion of project rate 100% to get repeated orders from most of the industries.

On time delivery and completion of project to make customer satisfaction in all respect.

Authentic Design, and adequate Fire Protection majors to save life and property of client from Fire related accidents.

Ethical Business with Customers and vendors to get full supports from various suppliers and labours for all time.

Most experience in giving more to safety of client and their investment.

Always innovative in providing solutions for critical projects in view of design and implementation along with keeping in mind the operational feasibility and less required maintenance.


“Saving Life and Property” is our Mission.

To Provide The Genuine, Ethical Protection To Any Person Or Industry With Most Efficient And Economical Way And Make The World Safe From Fire Or Relevant Disaster.


Our Dream is World to Be Safe and peaceful.

We strive to Enhance Lives Of People So That They Can Live In Peace, Prosperity And Success.

Future is bright, when safety is right


We're so happy to say.

We Believe in saving Life and Properties

  • Having 29 years of experience in Designing & Engineering of various Fire Protection systems.
  • Having expertise of various Standards such as TAC/ IS / NBC/ NFPA / UL / FM and OISD.
  • Accredited by Insurance Company as Third Party Inspection auditor.
  • Success ratio of 100 % Project completion till now.
  • 90% projects are completed before time and others are delayed due to site clearance delayed.
  • Complete satisfaction to our customers in regards of Fire Protection systems and their safety.

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