Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System
Fire Alarm System

Fire Alarm System

This system is electrical and electronically based having a control panel, cabling and a detection device like smoke detectors, manual call points etc. The alarm system gives an audible / visual alarm in case of fire with the indication of the area under fire.

The Fire Alarm System does not extinguish fire, however it is the system which alert all occupants well in advance to take action against fire and evacuate before fire is big. This is done be detection of smoke which is in any case of fire will be generated at initial stage.

The smoke detectors, or heat detectors, or Flame detectors detect the smoke, heat or flame will in advance and alert occupants through control panel and hooters.

The well designed Fire Alarm system is backbone of fire prevention requirement.

Features :

  • Designing as per TAC/NFPA/LPA/ NBC
  • Engineering, Drawing
  • Supply & Installations
  • Commissioning
  • Approving from the LPA/TAC/ MIDC Chief Fire Officer
  • AMC of complete system